Electrathon America

Electrathon America is a racing program where teams have to design, build and race a vehicle as far as possible in a 1 hour endurance race.

Vehicles are purpose built, electric powered, machines optimized for efficiency in every way possible. The bodies are constructed to be as aerodynamic as possible, the mechanical systems are assembled to reduce friction and energy loss, and the drivers are trained to control the cars in a way which conserves the most energy while still competing at a high level.

EV Racing at East

The Electrathon program at East Forsyth High School is starting the year learning about basic design, prototyping, and fabrication techniques, such as CAD, laser cutting, sheet metal bending, welding, plasma cutting among other things.

Students will use those skills to design and build a vehicle from scratch using the tools and resources available in the engineering lab. The students will race in events throughout the state, culminating in a possible race in Pensacola Florida against cars from across the southeast.