EAST Robotics

The Robotics program at East Forsyth is built on the VEX Robotics V5 platform. V5 is the newest generation of a build system that allows students to design and assemble a machine that uses a common set of materials, without being locked into a particular set of design choices.

The students have a library of thousands of parts that can be used in a countless number of ways to accomplish the challenges. Teams will be comprised of approximately 6 students who will work together throughout the season in hopes of earning an invitation to the World Championships, against the top teams from across the globe.

The Challenge

Students design and build robots to complete a set of specific tasks that change every season. The robots fit within an 18 inch cube, and have both a pre-programmed autonomous routine and a period in the match where drivers control the machine remotely.

Some matches allow students to compete head to head, while others provide a chance for teams to show what their robot can accomplish on its own.